Laying the Groundwork: Fundamentals of a Successful Energy and Water Strategy

//Laying the Groundwork: Fundamentals of a Successful Energy and Water Strategy
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A successful energy and water strategy depends on a few basic fundamentals – strategic fit, clear contracts, and good data.

If any one of these factors is missing, good projects will stall, and disputes will be inevitable.

Join us to hear from Sara Neff, Senior Vice President, Sustainability at Kilroy Realty, and from LABBC Technical Advisor, Wayne Alldredge, on the key business and technical elements that need to be addressed to set projects up for success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dedicated Budget – Earn a dedicated energy efficiency budget by measuring and sharing results.
  • Lease Language is Key – Standard lease must enable capital recovery over the payback period for projects that save energy or water.  Check out Green Lease Leaders for Resources.
  • Never Solve the Same Problem Twice
  • Know Your Building and Your Leases – Understand everything about the equipment you have, why it was installed in the first place, what you must provide per the lease, what you can escalate, and what regulations and codes come into play.  With that information, you can identify projects that will: deliver service to tenants, help stay ahead of code changes, and achieve sustainability goals.
  • Plan Far Ahead – Meet with utilities far in advance of projects to discuss incentives and rebates – factor in the time for inspections and review.

At our upcoming Building Technology Showcase, we will be facilitating connections with LADWP and SoCal Gas program representatives so you can discuss projects you have planned!


David Hodgins
Executive Director


Sara Neff
SVP, Sustainability
Kilroy Realty


Wayne Alldredge
Technical Advisor – Energy