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Modernizing Buildings is Good Business

• Enhance competitive positioning
• Control/reduce operations and
maintenance (O&M) expenses
• Enhance net operating income (NOI) and asset value
• Improve level of service
• Attract and retain tenants
• Stay ahead of new regulations
• Hedge utility rate risk
• PR and marketing support through the
U.S. Department of Energy and other partner channels

Services & Incentives Provided to LABBC Partners

• Strategic planning, competitive positioning analysis
• Streamlined “investment grade” project development
• Project development tools and support services
• Analysis of tax incentives to enhance project ROI
• Project financing and connections to capital providers
• Tenant engagement platform and lease analysis
• Exclusive manufacturer’s rebates from leading technology companies
• Automated utility benchmarking and AB-1103 compliance

 20% savings in 30 million ft² of buildings

The Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge (LABBC) is an innovative, utility-funded initiative to support property owners and managers in executing cost-effective building performance upgrades to achieve 20 percent energy and water savings by 2020. The LABBC serves as an unbiased guide to help you take advantage of all available resources and incentives, and maximize the ROI of your energy and water efficiency upgrades.

We are at the forefront of the evolution of high performance buildings. Specifically, we are in-the-know when it comes to energy efficiency case studies, incentives and rebates, policy drivers, industry trends, technology, financing programs, and the ways in which energy performance impacts a building’s competitiveness in the market.

The objective is part of the Better Buildings Challenge, a national leadership initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy that calls on public and private sector leaders to demonstrate the benefits of modernizing America’s existing buildings. Achieving this goal will significantly reduce partners’ operating costs while freeing up capital for more productive uses, enhancing tenant comfort and productivity, and boosting market competitiveness. It is also estimated to create over 7,000 high-quality local jobs and avert annual CO2 emissions equivalent to taking over 18,000 cars off the road.

Los Angeles is proud to be one of the first cities selected to participate in this important initiative. Should you choose to take on the Challenge, you and your company will be among a select group of visionary leaders propelling Los Angeles toward its goal of becoming the most economically competitive, most sustainable large city in America. View the LABBC Brochure.